Friday, December 16, 2011

The Wreckless

The Wreckless is an interesting space sim that feels like it is from ten years ago, while you could see that as a negative you could also see it was a homage to old space shooters like Tie Fighter. I played through the thirty minute demo and also took some video of it to show off the chaotic and wonderful mess that it is. The art style of the Wreckless is anything but bleak with missile tracers flying all across space as dozens of ships engage in a zero-g dog fight. This game mixes large ships alongside small flyer's and in the demo you only get to use the smallest of ships, but the game focuses on small ship combat/movement. You can generally choose between fighters and bombers, each of which has it's own shields and hull strength. Watch this gameplay I took to see how the game looks and plays out.

The demo gives you various missions to go through, plus tutorials, and thankfully the controls that are introduced are very reminiscent of older shooters. In The Wreckless you can actually move in every direction, plus you have boosters that shake up the simple controls. The full game takes you through a campaign and if you watched the video you can tell the voice acting is a bit low quality but it is a very small indie game developed by three people at Duct Tape Games, plus it is their first game. Each level can be altered a bit by choosing how many space craft you want on the battlefield, I always maxed it out and enjoyed the large scale fighter battles that would take place. The environments don't feel that great and there is quite a bit that feels lacking, but if you can enjoy it for what it does well and let some nostalgia mix in then this can be an enjoyable game.

The full game costs $10 for Mac and PC, which you can look at here. The full version also contains different ships to research, huge capital ship battles and bombing missions, while the demo doesn't give you a taste of any of those features. Check out the game on their website and thanks to RPS for recommending the game in the first place. Thanks for reading, be back with some SWTOR video and new impressions later.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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