Wednesday, January 4, 2012

All Zombies Must Die Impressions

Did you ever play the arcade action game Burn Zombie Burn!? Well All Zombies Must Die is the successor to that and adds some rpg elements into the mix. Just like the first game this one is also for XBLA and PSN, released back in December as a $10 downloadable game. The games are both developed by Doublesix. All Zombies Must die has four player coop and is clearly intended to be played with friends, but you can presumably go through the entire game alone.

I checked out the trial demo on XBLA, which let's you play through the first three areas of the game, all of which you can technically get through in about ten minutes, but that would only be if your rushing through everything. The first area of the game starts you off in a park area, with no weapons except for your fists, which is mighty fine for fighting a single zombie at a time. Each area of the game has a main quest that you must do to move onto the next area. It is a quest given to you by these talking gate posts that will only let you through once you do something for them. There is a comedic tone to about every aspect of the game, one that is interesting but might not hit home with most people.

The RPG aspect mixes with the twin stick shooter in order to make a more interesting experience. Each player levels up through killing zombies and can also earn experience by searching containers, shelves, cars and other searchable objects throughout each area. You can also find ammo, food and various items through searching as well. When you level up you can customize your character in some way, but it wasn't available in the demo and merely said that once you get to some kind of resting area you will be apply points to your character. The three demo levels don't give you a great idea of the game, you get the use of the shotgun and a cricket bat, but it is unclear if the game will continue to introduce new dynamics or just merely add new weapons every so often. One thing that I didn't like about the demo was that zombies continuously keep coming and it is often very hard to search things when you are getting constantly swarmed. The good thing about that is that there are always enemies to kill, always, and a steady stream of ammo and experience.

The demo was fairly fun but it definitely didn't give enough of a feel to make me justify a purchase. If you want to check out the demo it is available on PSN and XBLA. The full game is also available there as well for $10. The game has gotten pretty mixed reviews so far but if you are looking for a zombie co-op game with a lighter atmosphere than something like Dead Nation than you should give this game a shot. Thanks for reading and I will be back with more later.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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