Friday, January 6, 2012

CryZone: Sector 23 Beta Released

Do you like...
-The Stalker series? 
-First person shooters?  
-Games with a lot of Atmosphere? 
If you answered yes to even a couple of those questions then you should really take a look at CryZone, a Stalker modification for Crysis. The beta version will not contain a lot but it does contain a non linear area, interactive npc's, artifacts, a whole bunch of new weapons, vehicles, a weather system, monsters, destructible objects, and A-Life. A-Life is a scripting system that will continuously provide unpredictable and interesting events. They have put a lot of the Stalker atmosphere into the gorgeous Crysis engine and made something that is very enticing. The game currently is in Russian, from what I can tell from all of the comments on there MoDDB page, but that shouldn't stop anyone from checking it out. Take a look at this video to see how it handles, but this gameplay is from over a year ago, most of their newest videos are short ones showing off environmental effects and such. Also, the video happens to be in Russia.

Been waiting for Stalker 2 to come out? Well take some time and see if this gives off the same great atmosphere and environment that the Stalker games are known for. The beta just came out on January 2nd and it looks a bit of a pain to download, since it is a torrent file, but there should be more seeders for it by now. I would check it out but I'm afraid I don't own Crysis. I suggest using Google Chrome if you head on over to their main website, merely so it can translate the Russian. The more I read about people downloading the Russian version the more I don't want to recommend anyone trying that, I suggest waiting for English version or a newer installer to come out. Right now it sounds like an absolute pain in the ass. I will update this as soon as their is newer installer or version. Thanks for reading and look to the links below for more information and the download location if you want try your hand at a tricky install. 
Main Website:

Get out of here Stalker! 
-Written by Sean Cargle


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