Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cube World

This is one of those PC indie games that I am sad to hear about so late, but thankfully I am not overly punished for it since there is no way to actually play the game yet. Cube World mixes Minecraft and a rpg adventure game into a very uniquely attractive world. RockPaperShotgun turned me onto Cube World, like many games that they seem to find, and this game looks very impressive. It is self described as voxel based exploration rpg and it is being made by one developer who calls themselves Wollay. Some of the unique features of this game include quests, towns, building (will be able to make your own house at least), crafting, npcs who sell you things and give you quests, dungeons (caves, castles and more), tons of enemies, bosses, lots of different weapons and armor, leveling, experience system, skill system, multiplayer and player customization. Normally if a game being made by one person had this big of a list I would say that it is likely that it will never be finished but Wollay seems on top of things and is making pretty regular progress on the game. Check out the newest video that shows off the newly implemented quest system.

I don't know about you but I love the look of this game, it reminds me of Zelda and many other good games. The good news about this is that he, or she, may be releasing an alpha sometime soon. In the Cube World FAQ it is stated that an alpha may be coming sometime within the next couple of months and that was back in November. The game has only been in development since June 2011 but as you can see there has been a lot of progress, especially if you go to the youtube page and look at some of the older videos. Multiplayer will be included and will be just as functional as singleplayer, except there is not yet a limit on how many players per server and it still needs to be worked out. There are already quite a few exciting features that Wollay has already shown off:
Like riding horses..

Climbing the sides of mountains..

The creation of rivers and waterfalls..

3d Minimap, a gorgeous one at that..


Interestingly enough Wollay has already been recruited by Mojang, which Notch tweeted about, but there is a promise that Wollay will keep working on Cube World as well. What he will be doing for Mojang? Who knows, but hopefully adding some questing system or interesting npc mechanics into Minecraft. If you are interested in Cube World from merely a multiplayer perspective then check out the newest multiplayer video that shows off some Castle Raiding. For more information on the game check out the links below. Thanks for reading and I hope this game is as exciting to others as it is to me.
Main Website:
Wollay/Cube World Facebook Page

-Written by Sean Cargle


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