Friday, January 6, 2012


This is student made PC indie game from a whole bunch of students at DigiPen Institute of Technology, a short one at that, but that's about what you would expect from this kind of thing. It is rare to see a short project like this become something as interesting and fun as Deity is. The game puts you in control of a demo fighting against the forces of good and what makes it real interesting is that the game is a stealth game. As a demon the light is your enemy and you travel through a castle through sconces and torches, converting them to your energy and using them as safe points from which you may strike at enemies. There are only two enemy types in the game and one boss, but the pace of the game still flows pretty well. The game came out back in December for free, for windows only and also through Desura. With that release they have a release trailer, so I will let that give you an idea of what kind of stealth game it is.

My favorite part of this game is linking attacks together. The farther you get through the game the more link attacks you get. They show of link attacks a little bit towards the end of that trailer, but it's a way that you slow everything down and can plan out an attack. By the end of the game you get up to ten chain attacks, which is delightful, and can take out large groups of enemies at once. The game is short and simple but worth some time, do check it out at least for a couple of minutes, it is free! You can dowload the installer for the game over at their main website. Thanks for reading. 
Main Website:

I dare you to defeat everyone of these enemies

-Written by Sean Cargle


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