Friday, January 27, 2012

January iPhone Review Round-Up

It's been quite some time since the last iPhone Review Round-Up, but this time around I'm here to review Jelly Defense, Hero Academy, and Triple Town. All of which are compatible to the 3G version of the iPhone and newer models.

Hero Academy by Robot Entertainment
If you are a PC or Xbox 360 gamer you might recognize that name, it is the same developers that created Orcs Must Die! and Age of Empires Online, among other things. Hero Academy is a turn based multiplayer strategy game for the iPhone. The way it plays out will be familiar for anyone who is used to games like Kings Bounty or Heroes of Might and Magic series, but I purely mean that in how battle plays out, it doesn't have a campaign or anything like that. This game is 100% about one on one battles of wit, luck and strategy. You control individual units, like the Human basic warrior, mage, hunter and priest, all of which have different stats and unique abilities. There is also an army of Dark Elves that you may play, who are a bit more complicated and have some less generic classes, like monk and necromancer. The game is very well done and each army has it's own unique strengths, while they both feel balanced. You also get various items that you may use, like a helmet that increases someone armor or a fireball that may be used once to hit everything in a 5x5 area. Every game comes down to planning and tactics. There is a very useful help tool that you can use to look at any character, item or object to see everything about it. It is essential to use this tool to plan out attacks, among many other things. The multiplayer is also done very well, allowing you to play up to forty games at once with other players. Hero Academy is free, but there are quite a few optional things you can purchase, the most worthy of which is the Dark Elf army, which is normally $2 but often on sale for $1. I didn't think you could make a competitive turn based strategy work so well for an iPhone, but Hero Academy showed me that you definitely can. Check out this video to get an idea of how the game looks and plays.
Main Website:

Violent Score: 4.5 (out of 5) 

Jelly Defense by Infinite Dreams
This game is a tower defense with a gorgeous cartoon arty style that reminds me of stylistic and odd games like Ilomilo or The Maw. Underneath the interesting graphical style is very solid tower defense that is challenging, maybe too challenging for many. You are fighting against an invading force and are leading the Jelly defense for Diploglobe. You control many different types of Jellies and you deploy them through levels that are fairly typical for a tower defense game. One of the games unique features is color. When you defned you have to consider the color of the enemy invaders, they all break down to either blue or red enemies. You have various different tower types and all of which are different colors. The game isn't the most complicated tower defense game, nor does it have anything persistent to make levels easier over time or through experience, but it is well balanced and very fun. The music also complements the style of the game very well. The game costs $2.99, but is on sale every so often. If you enjoy tower defense games then there is a lot to enjoy in this one, but if you are looking for a more casual type of TD game then don't look here. I should also note that Jelly Defense is available on the Android as well. 
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Violent Score: 4 (out of 5) 

Triple Town by Spry Fox, LLC
A puzzle game where you turn bears into churches?! Yes this is..and it is a great game. Triple Town is one of the most enjoyable puzzle games that I've played and it helps that it is free. Of course most free games have microtransactions but this one has an interesting take on that. When you first start playing the game you have thousands of turns available to you, turns that are used every time you put down one object. You can purchase more turns with the ingame currency when you run out or you can get unlimited turns for $4 or $5, but turns also replenish slowly over time, so it's very possible to use only the ingame currency to keep you up to stock. In this puzzle game you put together three pieces of grass to create a bush, three bushes to create a tree, three trees to create a house, three houses to create a mansion and eventually you can create floating islands. A game ends once you run out of space to place anything, which is very easy to do if you don't plan well, but you are awarded gold, the ingame currency, based on how well you do each game. It is very fun, very addicting and it can be casual for those who wish it to be while also presenting the depth that more focused players might require. This game is also available for free on google+ and facebook, which you can access through the main website, but I suspect it follows the same model as the iPhone version. Check out the main website for more information.
Main Website:

Violent Score: 4.5 (out of 5) 

Thanks for reading and be back soon for some more news, reviews and previews. I'm off to finish Unstoppable Gorg and start working on my review for that. Let me know if anyone has any questions about any of these games, or if anyone recommends any games to try. 
-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. Nicole AshdownFeb 21, 2012 09:00 PM

    This is a simple game with polished strategic gameplay that is otherwise reduced by a lack of strong aggressive features. As such there is one issue with this game, it doesn't support single player mode, other than that completely worthable to have fun for hours.

    1. I assume you mean Hero Academy? Yeah it doesn't have singleplayer, but it focuses entirely on multiplayer. They just came out with a Dwarven race for the game as well, making it Humans, Dark Elves and Dwarves now.

  • Sol HamiltonFeb 24, 2012 01:08 AM

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