Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Year's Indie Royale Bundle

Once again it's time again for another IndieRoyale bundle, this one came out today on January 5th and contains four games: Nuclear Dawn, Max & The Magic Marker, Fractal and Super Crossfire. Just like before I will give a video and short overview of each game in the bundle. If you haven't gotten an IndieRoyale bundle before it is a lot like many of the other Indie bundles around the internet, like The Humble Bundle, except the IndieRoyale bundle requires a minimum payment that changes based on how many bundles are being sold. Unlike the Humble Bundle, IndieRoyale doesn't make any claim that any money will be going to charity, it is merely all for profit of the developers and the website. If you don't want to read any of this and go straight to the site, here you go:

-The Minimum Price at the time of this post (6pm PST) is $4.12

Nuclear Dawn (pc and mac)
I actually got a chance to play Nuclear Dawn during the free weekend back in December and I came away with an enjoyable experience. Nuclear Dawn is a hybrid first person shooter mixed with a real time strategy, purely multiplayer. Each team has a commander and that person handles the real time strategy aspects of the game to manage resources, build turrets, armories, walls and many different structures. The rest of the team is out to capture power points around the map that will give your commander more resources to work and you are also there to help keep vital structures from being destroyed. The whole goal of each round is to defeat the enemy teams main base, but I had never seen anyone come even close to that in the couple days that I played the game. Each team has several classes to choose from, each of which has unique abilities, and plenty of gorgeous maps to fight on. The game is made with the Source Engine and also has a player customization method that is similar to many modern first person shooters. This pack may be worth it for this game alone, but the game does require Steam. check out this trailer.

Fractal (pc and mac)
I'm afraid I've never heard of Fractal but it is puzzle music game for Desura and Steam. While the puzzle aspect of the game doesn't look to unique it does look very reactive, especially with regards to music. Cipher Prime, the developer, also made Auditorium and Pulse: Volume One, two other puzzle games. I'm not sure about this game on it's own but it looks like it could be quite a bit of fun if you are into challenging puzzle games that involve music that responds to gameplay. Feel free to check out the website for some more information, screenshots or videos.

Max & The Magic Marker (pc and mac) 
With Max & The Magic Marker we have another puzzle game but this one is a 2d platformer. In this you use your magic marker to get your through challenges, get past monsters and travel through the world. You can switch to imagination mode to plan out how to get through an area and draw in advance. It looks like quite a lot of fun, but that is broad claim without having actually played the game. With that said I will likely check out the demo for it sometime tonight. When you watch the video below you will probably think that really looks and iPhone/iPad game and it essentially is but it is also designed for PC/Mac. This game is also made for Desura and Steam. Check out the main website for more.

Super Crossfire
Take Space Invaders throw in a large upgrade system, new gameplay features (like switching sides), a disturbing amount of colors, one hundred and fifty waves to play through, multiple difficulties, many enemies types and some tough looking gameplay. These types of games definitely don't appeal to everyone but if they are done right they have an arcade quality that makes it very addictive and enjoyable. Super Crossfire is exclusive to IndieRoyale, meaning it has not yet been released on anything yet and the only way to currently get the game is through this Bundle. Check out this explosive trailer to get an idea of how this game plays out, also, more information on their website.

That is it for this Bundle! It looks to be a pretty good line up, a lot better than some other bundles I have seen in the last couple of months. Check it out and head on over to to check out anything else you might want to know. Thanks for reading.


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