Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Alan Wake Hits PC Tomorrow the 16th

It's been two years since Alan Wake originally came out for Xbox 360 and now it will finally be hitting PC tomorrow on February 16th. Alan Wake is a game about a famous writer who takes a trip to the small town of Bright Falls in order to try to break free of his writers block. Immediately upon entering town weird occurrences take place and darkness starts to take over everything. You spend the game with your trusty flashlight, flares and various firearms fighting against the forces of darkness as you try to rescue your wife. The game has a similar feel to Silent Hill's nightmare mode, where you walk around a seemingly normal, yet dark and creepy, world and all of a sudden darkness will cover the area with a thick fog that means you are imminent danger. Alan Wake is entirely single player and is fairly long. I played it entirely through on the Xbox a while back and while it isn't the best game ever it is unique and very enjoyable. It will be hitting Steam tomorrow while the Xbox Live Alan Wake's American Nightmare will be coming out later this month. Check out this Alan Wake PC Trailer and get excited for this story driven nightmare filled action game. It is unclear whether the game will be coming out with a demo or not
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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