Thursday, February 16, 2012

Civilization V First Expansion Pack

Civilization V has been out for nearly two years and they have finally announced a proper expansion for the game. Sure there has been plenty of DLC packs and such that are essentially mini-expansions, but now they have the expansion Gods & Kings set to come out this coming Spring. Not only will it bring new content but it will also change gameplay by adding in religion, a reworked combat system, new diplomacy options, and new city-states. They will also be adding in three new scenarios: one will be about the fall of Rome, one focus on the medieval era and the third will have a Victorian science-fiction setting. To detail some of the new content there will be twenty-seven new units, thirteen new buildings, nine new wonders and nine new playable civilizations.

Now you will be able to create a religion using the new faith resource. Your religion will start small but can grow into something massive that spreads across the entire world. The changes to the combat system seem to be mostly balances, which the game sorely needs, but there will also be new melee naval units that will make naval combat a little bit more diverse. In regards to diplomacy you can now make embassies in other nations and spies will have a more active role. They will now be able to stealing technology and gain influence among city states. With the whole addition of religion there will also be religious city-states and the quest system will much more useful now.

Civilization V was always a good game but for a lot of people it was very easy to look over, especially since Civilization IV was generally a better game. Many of people issues with Civilization V come from diplomacy being fairly useless and how war orientated nations were always the most powerful. I've played the game over fifty hours myself and really enjoyed it when I chose to go down the warmongering tech tree, but as soon as I tried to win by any other way, with culture or science in particular, I was always smothered by enemy nations. Diplomacy was often useless because every other nation often teamed up with each other to destroy you and allying with other nations rarely results in a long term friendship. Hopefully with this expansion some of those issues will be dealt with, finally, and the game will feel a little more well rounded. Check out the official post below for more information. Civilization V itself is down the price of $30 after a good long while of it continuously staying full price.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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