Monday, February 13, 2012

Cubemen Reaches Beta

New Hard Climb Level
It has only been thirteen days since I last wrote about Cubemen, giving a general overview of this tower defense/real time strategy hybrid, but they have already reached beta on the game and with that comes an impressive amount of new content. If you had pre-ordered the game you would already have access to the alpha version of the game, which contained quite a few levels, but now it has a whole lot more. Take a look at this list..
  • 20 Defense Levels
  • 10 Skimish Levels (AI & Online Multiplayer)
  • 5 Defense Gameplay modes
  • 5 Cubemen colour choices
  • Individual score ladders for all Defense levels
  • Comprehensive game and rank tracking for Skirmish levels
  • 27 Achievements to earn in game
This is the same amount of content that will be in the final version of the game and now they are merely working on hammering out bugs and smoothing out the game for release. The price of the game is now up to $7.49, it is 25% off, and by the time it releases it will be $10. Check out the release page for the full list of changes since the alpha. Here is some gameplay to look at for the game if you are interested, but it looks to be quite interesting for anyone who enjoys the two genres, although I'm not sure about the $10 price tag. Head on over to Desura to take a look at it.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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