Thursday, February 9, 2012

Double Fine Adventure Exceeds Expectations

I remember getting home today around 2pm and seeing that Double Fine's Kickstarter Project for Double Fine Adventure, a mysterious adventure game to be created by Tim Schafer and rest of the splendid Double Fine crew, was at around $33,000 of it's lofty $400,000 goal. The first thing I thought was that is the largest monetary goal I have ever seen on Kickstarter and it has a very long way to go. Well it's been about twelve hours since then and not only did they just reach their $400,000 goal but they have surpassed it. This project had thirty three days left on it and it already reached it's huge goal, so very impressive. It's probably partially thanks to Minecraft's Notch and all the support he has given to Double Fine, even going so far as Tweeting the other day that he would be inclined to help fund a sequel to the cult hit Psychonauts. This is all a result of that and even though it's not going to be Psychonauts 2 it is going to be something interesting, why? Well Double Fine always creates something interesting, whether it's Stacked, Iron Brigade (formerly known as Trenched) or Costume Quest. This Kickstarter project has about 10,000 backers so far, 7,000 of which put up $15-$30 for the game. There are various bonuses and special deals you can get from backing the game for a certain amount of money and feel free to check that all out at the Kickstarter Page for it. You can still donate the to the project if you wish and it will still be taking donations/backers until March 13th. For now, congrats to Double Fine and check out this video that they put up for the project. Will gladly update on this project as more news about it surfaces.
*Update* In 24 hours this game has earned one million dollars in donations!

-Written by Sean Cargle


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