Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Guncraft Kickstarter

Have you ever played Minecraft and thought hey, I really wanna get some machine guns and explosives in here and engage in some first person shooter gameplay? Apparently the developers at Guncraft thought that was a wonderful idea because they've been making that game and it is already 60% complete. Everything is Voxel based and even though the game is going to be a FPS you still have a lot of options for creativity. You can play in custom made environments with various types of blocks and prefabs, pre-made buildings. There isn't much gameplay to show off, but they do have this video that makes fun of the popular Modern Warfare 3 ad, check that out below.

Personally I'd prefer to see how the game actually plays, so I would have a real idea of what I would be pledging to, if I were to help kickstart the game, but at least they show off how the game will generally look. I should note that they have a Kickstarter video, a seperate video on the Kickstarter page, that does show off a little bit of gameplay. They plan to start a beta for the Guncraft in March and they will be releasing the game on PC by June and they will also be releasing it on XBLIG, but they don't know when yet. They have a ton of different rewards for their backers and they even have options for people to donate $2,000 or $10,000. Surprisingly they have quite a few backers that have donate hundreds of dollars already. They are looking to reach $16,000 by March 23rd and so far they have received $4,300. If you think it's interesting at all I do encourage you to head over to the Kickstarter Page for Guncraft and check it out some more. They do seem really interested in rewarded their pledges and that's always a good thing. Thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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    1. I've tried that before and I really like the options for building tunnels and what not, but I absolutely cannot stand the graphics. They are so abysmal that I cannot enjoy the game all that much, but kudos to whoever can get past that.