Thursday, February 23, 2012

Indie Royale: Alpha Collection #1

This is the first Indie Royale pack that I seriously have considered, actually, I just bought it. There has been many packs before but never have they contained alpha versions of games. If you purchase these alpha versions through this bundle you will also get full access to all future versions of these games, as if it you had pre-ordered the game. Read on to check out all the games and some videos, but feel free to head straight onto the Indie Royale website. Right now the current minimum price is $5.02.

3079 (PC, Mac and Linux) 
In this pack we have: 3079, a sci-fi multiplayer Minecraft looking game that I've seen many times on MoDDB and IndieDB. It looks to be very odd and unique. The game has quests, giant enemies in the sky, guns, randomly generated terrain and some very chunky looking monsters. It's not the enticing one on the list and might not to be fun by yourself, but it should provide some fun coop.
Main Website:

Wyv and Keep (PC only, Mac and Linux in the future)
Next on the list is Wyv and Keep, a cooperative puzzle platformer with some 2D graphics. This game has a really charming old school art style that makes me grin just from watching it. You and one other player move through this puzzles and solve them together, in the amazon, in temple ruins and other locations that are typical of an Indiana Jones kind of adventure. Wyv and Keep is set to come out for a full release this summer, but it still looks to be quite enjoyable, check out the trailer.
Main Website:

Towns (PC, Mac and Linux)
Self described as a mix between Dwarf Fortress and Majesty, two flawed games that both have a lot to like about them. In Towns you build a city above ground and try to keep your heroes satisfied so they will keep vanquishing the monsters in the dungeon underground. The game is currently on 40% complete, but there is a lot to it and I can't wait to try it. 
Main Website:

That's it for this pack and I can't wait to see what games they get on board for their #2 collection. Check it all out at  and thanks for reading.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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