Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lunar Flight Released

Are you a fan of flight or space simulators? Lunar Flight could very well bring you a lot of enjoyment. It is a small indie game made in Unity that puts you in control of a Lunar Lander in various types of gameplay modes. You are able to do missions focused on transporting cargo, acquiring data and locating lost cargo. Sounds exciting huh? Yeah not really, but this isn't the type of game that wins you over with adrenaline filled action, this is the type of game that wins you over with it's atmosphere, controls and attention to detail. Through completing missions you will earn money and use that money to upgrade your lander in various ways.   It also contains some time trial challenges with online leaderboards, plus you can earn various achievements throughout the game. The game just came out yesterday on Desura and is currently awaiting approval from Steam. It costs $10 and is pretty high quality. People speak and rate the game favorably everywhere I've seen, unfortunately it doesn't have a demo but you can check out the launch trailer to get an idea about how this sim handles. It certainly won't appeal to a broad amount of gamers, but for those who are interested in this genre this looks to be a very nice addition. Take a look at the website for more.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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