Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mass Effect 3 Boycott

It has started today and this boycott is one of the most reasonable boycotts in gaming history. Totalbiscuit, the British fellow that does those "WTF is ..." videos all over Youtube, take a look at his channel if you don't know who I am referring to, has unleashed a new video today explaining how Bioware has gone too far with day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3. It is the most sound reasoning I've ever heard for boycotting a game and it is also infuriating. Bioware announced today that, which you can see over at VG24/7, that there will be a day one DLC for Mass Effect 3, that's not big news right? They've been doing that for nearly every game since  the first Dragon Age, but they were often free or merely cosmetic, not this time though. The DLC in question brings a new crew member to the game, much like the one from Mass Effect 2, except this crew member is significant day one DLC that isn't free. Unlike Zaesz in Mass Effect 2 this new character is Prothean, a god damn Prothean! They could not have picked a race that would be more important to the storyline and lore of Mass Effect and this character is going to cost $10, on release day, for anyone that doesn't own the hefty $70-$80 Digital Deluxe Edition or N7 Collectors Edition. So if you get the normal game, which is still $60, you will have to pay another $10 to get this important and substantial DLC. This is absolutely crap. Bioware, more likely EA, has decided to stoop this low with their DLC and are pushing gamers to the limit. With most of their previous games, this isn't the first time they've done this kind of thing, all day one DLC that cost anything was purely cosmetic and never affected the actual game or story, but this seems important enough that if you don't shell out an extra $10 on top of $60 then you are missing out on a chunk of gameplay. Read on for more.

It's not so much about whether or not Bioware made the DLC instead of working on the game, it's about them releasing a day one DLC that costs $10, a sixth of games price, and doesn't add anywhere nearly a sixth of a new content. Furthermore they say this DLC is for "long time fans", as long time fans we should be met with discounts for owning the previous two games, not being slapped in the face with a overly priced day one DLC that makes people want to yell in anger. We don't get a thank you for playing all of our games, here is this small but substantial new DLC for our longtime fans, no we get more demands for money. We cannot not let this continue.

This kind of practice is unethical and as gamers we need to change this. Battlefield 3 has a similar boycott and it successfully got EA/DICE to change their day one DLC, so let's do the same people. If Bioware wants to make DLC after the game is released and sell it that is totally fine, but to make it before the game comes out, which means it should be part of the initial product, or free, is just a sign of how EA wants to get all the money they can out of us. Total Halibut makes a far better argument than I do, for the most part, and it is one that I insist anyone who is thinking about buying Mass Effect 3, or any EA game in general, should listen to. If we let them get away with this intolerable practice then it will set up a precedent for them to do it on any future EA game. Also, don't pirate the game, if you are going to support this boycott it, not pirate. Pirating the game will just support all the unintelligible anti-piracy tactics out there and then they can blame loss of sales on piracy, not because of their cruel day one DLC. I like many of you who would read something like this greatly enjoy the Mass Effect series, so boycotting this game is not easy, especially since it's the last game in the series, but it's a worthy cause. At the very least, wait until the game is on sale and no longer creating a gaping hole in your wallet. Watch the video and I hope you care.

Bioware Announcement:

To Discuss more head on over to Reddit, which is exploding with comments:

*Update 2/27/12
It seems this Boycott has failed entirely, at least so far, Bioware/EA are reporting that they are having record breaking pre-orders for ME3. Thanks for the support with this everyone. I will hold out hope that we will have some impact on them, but so far the boycott seems to have had no effect on Bioware/EA or the gaming community. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


  1. boycotting

  2. So where the hell is the boycott sign up? If EA and Bioware don't see numbers I don't think they're going to cow a second time. Lightning doesn't always strike the same place twice.

  3. Don't need to sign up anywhere, just don't buy the game. Will only work if enough people do it, but they did manage to get it to work for Battlefield 3 day one DLC. Chances look less likely for this though.

  4. Alright guys, let's get this set up.

  5. Um morons, this isnt going to work, this game has more preorders than any other game in the last decade lmao. It's gonna be game of the year the second it comes out and you wanna cry over a pathetic $10???

    Get over yourselves, no one cares what you think, the collectors edition is way more than worth the money so shut your faces and go buy it... or dont, either way STFU...

    And that is all

    1. I understand what you mean and I don't disagree about the game being worth the money, I absolutely love the series and would gladly buy it, but we are boycotting on a manner of principle. Sure it's just ten dollars this time, but EA engages in money gouging practices on a regular basis and somewhere, sometime, we have to make a stand or they will continue to gouge and gouge until they know no longer can. We certainly did fail with Mass Effect 3, but at least the few of us who did had the strength to try to stand against a giant.

  • Well, the point is that at bioware studios they have let the mass effect saga progress to an inimmaginable level of gore and violence.
    The game is not that one I ve played for the first time around two years ago.
    The DLC has no significance when compared to the cruelty of this "monstrosity"
    Take care!

  • Well I do agree with everything you said, you directed a lot of frustration at EA (justifiably so) but almost none at BioWare. I think BioWare deserves its share of the blame for INCLUDING THE CONTENT IN THE FUCKING GAME FILES but not letting you access them without more money. Such a douche move.

  • I think it's silly to coordinate a boycott over any piece of entertainment. This is not food or shelter or other things necessary to live where someone is controlling entire portions of your life (or attempting to). It's a video game.

    I love my games with the rest of everyone else. I think Mass Effect is a grand franchise. I also happen to think EA is a horrible publisher that crushes the creative soul of gaming in general. However, they had the budget to fund the Mass Effect universe. Without them and their money-grubbing ways, ME would have been produced a lot less effectively and with poor results.

    People need to do what they feel is right for them, but overall, my personal opinion is that people need to stop getting their panties in a bunch over things they feel entitled to. People may feel entitled to the Prothean, but he ended up being an unlikable dick anyway, imo. If you're not willing to spend the $10 to get this poorly constructed mission and character, then don't. It's up to you and your money is your vote. But to boycott the Mass Effect universe on a matter of principle? C'mon now. It's a video game. I realize you're spending $60 on a game to entertain you for whatever period of time, and that's a lot of money to a lot of people (myself included)...but if you're unhappy with the content, don't buy. Easy as that.

    Creating this massive, bloated argument against the principles of EA is worthless and annoying, especially since so many people couldn't resist their wants and ended up preordering and buying anyway. If you're really concerned about them getting your money, trade in some old games at GameStop or EB and spend the in-store credit on the DLC/base game. That way, both corporations are shot in the foot.

    1. I understand everything your saying, but if you are a gamer that regularly buys video games shouldn't you try to stop bad publishers from profiting off bad business practices? It's not like they've done this kind of thing once, they've been continually making bad decisions, for many games that they publish, over the last five years. Eventually you have to do something or other publishers will think that they can also profit off these practices that do anything but reward loyal fans for supporting their products.

  • just look what they did with SWToR. they are scam artists, all corporations are & if you think they exist to sooth your gaming pleasures get your head looked at. i cant wait to see if dragon age 3 is as much as failure as these other titles bioware-EA/disney **** are putting out
    and no you dont "love" games, idiot