Friday, February 24, 2012

The MMO Aion Goes Free To Play

It seems like everyday another MMO is going F2P, well Aion just joined that club yesterday. Aion has been around since 2009 and it garnered some pretty favorable reviews back when it came out. It is an Asian MMO, meaning there is a lot of grinding, but the game also has many unique features like flight combat and a good mix of PVP/PVE content that encourages you to participate in both. Unlike SWTOR it had very little end game content when it was released, but now it should have fixed that problem. It was also by far one of the most gorgeous MMO's back in 2009. Read on for all the information on the new account types and what limitations come with each.

You can now play Aion for free up to level fifty-five and complete over 3,900 quests. They claim that all classes, regions and instances are available and that F2P gives you access to damn near everything. Of course if you want to pay they have a Gold Pack which let's you make up to eight characters, chat is not limited (limited chat for new players..for shame Aion), the lowest possible instance cooldown (before an instance may be repeated), the best rewards for fortress sieges and generally more rewards for everything. It is absolutely a huge advantage to still pay for the game, but if you intend to play it free you can do with a few annoying limitations, like chat limitations, trade limitations and long timers on instances. I should note that there is also a Veteran account, for those who used to be subscribers, and that has many of the same options as the paid Gold Pack, except there aren't nearly as many rewards associated with it. Read all about the details between the three versions here. Check everything out on their new F2P website, or for any other information check out their main website for the game. Take a look at one of their more recent trailers below, although it's still not very recent. Thanks for reading.
F2P Website:
Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle

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  1. pre order gamesApril 6, 2012 3:43 AM

    I am waiting for the MMO Aion to go free to play. I actually prefer games to be free not just because of the money but because of the accessibility and the lack of pressure. On a subscription game the onus is to be playing it to get your moneys worth for the month. And then later, when the sub has run out, you can't fire it up for a quick go. Nuts to that. Also I don't like that a subscription game you have to be subbed to it or quit, which doesn't encourage players to feel they can return to a game.