Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Dungeon Defenders Content

It's been six days since the last Dungeon Defender's content came out, take a look at that here, and now they have a tiny bit of new content for President's Day. It is called President's Day Battle Royale and it is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, watch this video. I must say that it doesn't look to be very fun, but you do get two new weapons, two new pets and four new character skins that you can unlock, all for free.

This is out on Steam today and will probably only come to Steam/PC, like most of the Dungeon Defenders content, but with it they also announced some interesting news for Mac Users. I wasn't even aware they were making Dungeon Defenders for Mac, but they announced that the Mac Beta will be starting today and that the game will be releasing onto Mac on March 8th. Email to apply for the beta. Hopefully they can support their Mac version easier than the console versions, which seem to give Trendy a lot of trouble when it comes to to DLC and new content. Thanks for reading and check out their facebook page or forums for more info, or for info on console events or DLC specifics.
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-Written by Sean Cargle 


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