Monday, February 20, 2012

Realm of the Mad God Released on Steam

This is a mini mmo that has a splendid 8 bit art style and it is devilishly addicting. I wrote about it last July and I don't have any new impressions or anything like that, but one of my biggest complaints about the game originally was how it used your browser's cache to save all of your data, now it uses Steam and that is far more reliable. The whole pull of this game is unlocking classes, earning rare loot and defeating the Mad God. It's an odd game, it's a chaotic game, but it's a fun game that has some interesting ideas. You can read about it thoroughly here on my previous post. I encourage anyone who likes rogue-like games and rpg's in general to try it, especially since it's free and very easy to play now that it's on Steam. Take a look at the Steam page for more info. You can still of course head to there main website below and play it there as well. Thanks for reading.
Steam Page:
Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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