Tuesday, March 13, 2012

ARMA 2 Total Conversion: Invasion 1944

v2.6 Winter Promo

It's been quite some time since I've written anything about ARMA 2, the gritty modern military FPS that attempts to take a realistic approach to the genre, and I have mentioned Invasion 1944 before, but now they have released their huge 2.6 Patch after a year of working on the mod. If you can't guess from the mod's name Invasion 1944 is a World War II total conversion for ARMA 2. I had previously placed a very early version of the mod back when I used to play ARMA 2 frequently and it was a very rough modification, but even then they had a vast amount of content done and had fully functional German and American armies. If you love WWII games and have been looking for one to fill that void then Invasion 1944 looks to have the means to accommodate you. Previously they had tanks, half-tracks, trucks, cars, air, infantry and a few maps all fleshed out for the game and now they have added so much more, most of which seems to be Winter themed. Read on for a list of all the new content and a release trailer.

v2.6 Winter Promo - Hetzer

The folks who made Invasion 1944 say that their mod is a realistic WWII mod and I must say they do a damn fine job, at least in terms of weapons, vehicles, uniforms and everything that you can see. The quality continues with their new additions:

20+ New Allied Vehicles: tanks, recon vehicles, landing craft and troop carriers
30+ New Axis Vehicles: tanks, recon vehicles and troop carriers.

New Allied Aircraft: B-17 Flying Fortress, Douglas C-47A Skytrain, Lockheed P-38 Lightning, P-51D Mustang, P-47 Thunderbolt, Hawker Hurricane Mk.IIa, Spitfire Mk.Ia. and Hawker Typhoon.

New Axis Aircraft: Bf-109E4, Bf-109F2, Bf-109G6, Ju-52/3mg5e, Ju-87, Me-262, Me-262A

Five new maps: Omaha, Omaha V2, Merderet, Merderet Winter, Battle of the Bulge Map
44 New Missions: 33 new multiplayer missions and 11 new singleplayer missions

16 New Features: 
-Ballistics codingWeapon Resting (automatic or manual)
-Prone AT Weapon Firing
-Custom Weapon Animations (holding and reloading)
-New movement animations (jumping, crouch sliding etc)
-New Hit animations
-New detailed player wounding system
-Overhauled In-game User interface
-Hand signals
-Crew served weapons (Moving/Rotating static weapons, adding/removing ammo, mounting/unmounting weapons on tripods)
-Crate vehicle-loading system
-Overpressure effect
-Tank damage and immersion system
-New cursor- name tag system
-New main menu UI

There are also new British, American and German soldiers. Now to see it all in action, take a look at this short release trailer that they just put out at the end of February.  

2.6 was released on February 26th and since then they have added one new patch, which you can check out here, but you can check out modification as long as you own ARMA 2: Combined Operations. Meaning you need to have that version, which is sold as Combined Ops, or you need to have ARMA 2 and the expansion ARMA 2: Operation Arrowhead. The whole game costs around $30 now and days, but I wouldn't recommend buying it since they are fairly far into creating an ARMA 3. Invasion 1944 does look like a very good reason to go back to the game if you haven't played it in a while like me. If you want to check out more about Invasion 1944, or download it, take a look at the links below. Thanks for reading.
Main Website: http://www.invasion-1944.com/
MODDB Post about v2.6

-Written by Sean Cargle


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