Friday, March 16, 2012

Chivalry: Medieval Warfare New Trailer

I should say a new awesome trailer, but it just won't fit up there. Torn Banner Studios has let PC Gamer have release an exclusive video in a short article where they talk about how Chivalry's objective based gameplay will be quite different than anything you have played. I know I've talked about it before myself when I first did a overview of the game, but there will be multiple tiers of objectives and they will be tangible for the time period. For instance you may have to lower a draw bridge, or move in siege towers and then you may have to capture the courtyard, or open an inner gate for the castle's keep, all leading to a final objective. They did a similar objective based system in the mod that started it at all, Age of Chivalry, but now they are uses big resources on it, plus they are now using a better, stronger and prettier engine. Well, that was unexpected. I intended to embed the video into this article, but it absolutely will not work, apologies. Will post it into here as soon as I can, but for now take a look at the trailer at PC Gamer, which I have linked to all over this article, but if you can't see hyperlinks for some reason here is a direct link:


The game still doesn't have a release date and they haven't released a whole lot of news in 2012 so far, but it is still shaping up great. Check out any of my previous articles or updates on the game below if you want to read more about, plus the main website has plenty to offer as well. Thanks for reading and I will continue to update on Chivalry as Torn Banner Studios puts forth new information. 
Main Website:

VG Articles on Chivalry: 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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