Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Desktop Dungeons Free for a Week

For the length of GDC, this week, you can play the Desktop Dungeons beta free. If you have no idea what Desktop Dungeons is, shame on you, but it is rogue-like rpg that you can play on any computer since it run's off of the browser. In the game you develop a town and conquer dungeons. It is a game of calculation, skill and luck, for each dungeon is random, but based on a theme. I've been playing the game since last August and I've enjoyed it quite a bit, despite the balance issues that seem to arise from every patch. Unlocking new classes, shops and items is a really nice addition on top of the dungeon crawling gameplay. If you would like to further information on the game I refer you to my last impressions article, here, but that is not what this post is about. This post is about you all, anyone, playing the game right now and playing it for free. If you have any inclination to rogue-like games or hardcore rpg's I do recommend trying it. It's been in creation for quite a long time and there is a lot to find and enjoy. Check out this video if you want to get a quick idea of what the game is like.

Head on over to the Desktop Dungeons main page to download it. All you must do to play is create a free account and get playing in your browser. Lastly I must say that you don't need a long time to play this game. It is very easy to log on, go through a dungeon in ten minutes, then log off. It will be free and available until Friday the 9th. Check it out and thanks for reading, this probably is the last post tonight.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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