Monday, March 19, 2012

Faster Than Light Update

Faster Than Light is a game I am very fond of. I wrote about it initially when they started their Kickstarter and then I played the demo and wrote some lengthy impressions.If you missed either of those posts here let me just say that it is a rogue-like in a space that has you focus on your crew and one versus one ship combat, the game has quite a lot of depth and focus's on random encounters throughout a large galaxy. The Kickstarter for Faster Than Light has gone absolutely through the roof; they have received infinitely more funding than  their goal. They had originally set their goal to be $10,000 and the Kickstarter, which is still running, has hit $110,000. They are going to spend a bunch of that money on new ships and new content in general for the game. It's pretty amazing how successful a Kickstarter can be, especially when similar things have happened recently with several other Kickstarter projects for PC games (Wasteland 2/Double Fine Adventure).

What I came here to share was a new video from the developers that shows off eight minutes of gameplay. They show off the updated interface and new additions to the game, plus much there is a great deal of information about the game in the video, especially about gameplay. It's looking quite excellent and if you want to play the game there is still a lengthy demo available for through OnLive. If you want to check that out go to main website, or other link below, and there are instructions. Thanks for reading, enjoy.

Main Website:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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