Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Heroes and Generals News

I wanted to call this post Heroes & Generals goes Free 2 Play, but that's not the only news I have on the game today. If you don't recall my one previous post about Heroes & Generals, back when it first showed up on the PC Indie game scene, let me give a quick overview of what this game is about. It is a World War II first person shooter, which I'm sure plenty of people are tired of, but this game does some interesting things that few other games have tried. Reto-Moto wants to make this a large scale World War II FPS, with tanks, airplanes, objectives, supply, reinforcements and a persistent campaign map. With that in mind I must say that game is entirely multiplayer and it uses a campaign map that let's Generals, players, move around strategic resources and look at the game kind of like a real time strategy, while at the same time other players will be down there on that map fighting it out. The game is currently in alpha and they just released a new video highlighting some of their new improvements, maps, animations and more. Take a look and keep in mind that they still have quite a bit to go.

They have the alpha running at full speed this week, as testers are trying to fill the servers so that press checking it out at GDC will be able to see some actual gameplay. You can still sign up for to be a tester over at their website, they seem to be continually handing out small batches of keys and interest in the game isn't huge yet. I've been an alpha testing for a couple of months and I can't talk about my experiences, but I will say that it wasn't difficult at all to get accepted into the alpha, nor was it difficult to download and start playing the game. 

Lastly I wanted to address the news that the game is going to be Free 2 Play. They wanted to make it F2P so that players can more easily jump right into the game. They haven't detailed it out too much yet, but they are claiming that there will be in-game economy that let's you earn credits for being active. You do that by playing missions or planning them. You will be able to customize your characters, unlock more character slots, buy new characters and modify your weapons. You will also have chances to use credits for things that are more team related, like Assault Teams. They are going to try to balance the game by making it so that every time you modify a weapon you will be trading off stats, so if you increase rate of fire it will decrease something else. That way there won't be any players running around with instant kill super accurate M1 Garands or anything, no matter how many credits they have. Their ideas for F2P do not sound awful and you can read more about here if you want some more details. If you want to get on the alpha take a look at their website and I will do some more posts on this once it progresses. Thanks for reading.
Main Website: http://www.heroesandgenerals.com/landing/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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