Saturday, March 24, 2012

IndieRoyale: The Ninja Pack

It's been about a month since the last IndieRoyale pack, the Alpha collection, and now we have a new interesting bundle that is full of unfamiliar games. It came out yesterday and like all IndieRoyale bundles it is only going to be around for a fairly short period of time, another 60 hours, and it costs the average, which is currently $3.61. This pack contains A Kingdom for Kieflings, Cloning Clyde, Ancients of Ooga, Outpost Kaloki and Band of Bugs, all of which are for PC only and all of them are developed by Ninjabee. They are the highlight of this pack and they have made many games, some of which you will likely know since they develop for PC, PSN and XBLA. I will give a short overview of each game and a video, but if you want to immediately check them out right now feel free to head on over to

A Kingdom for Kieflings (Desura only)
This is the only game I've actually played out of these five, but I did play it to completion on XBLA quite some time ago and it's successor A World of Kieflings. It is a very relaxing game about building cities, completing tasks and managing your Kiefling workforce. You control a giant and you take direct control of the world in a unusual way, he or she is your avatar and you move structures, harvest ingredients and put together buildings. You also have many Kiefling workers who look to you as a god of sorts that will help their city grow. It is a fairly slow paced game and it can take quite a long time to get through it all, but it is very relaxing and enjoyable if you enjoy city building simulators. You can also play the game multiplayer and help others build their cities. It is definitely not for everyone, so you should take a look at this video and see if it is to your liking. 

Outpost Kaloki (Desura only)
This is an older Ninjabee game and in it you take control of various space stations. You are a space ship tycoon and you must manage each of these space stations in an effort to save some princess. It looks as if you have to manage all kinds of different resources as you upgrade each station, all the while you have to keep your ratings up, deal with challenges and entertain visitors. It is an interesting game and one that you can try for free over at Ninjabee's Outpost Kaloki page, or you may just watch this video.

Cloning Clyde (Steam & Desura)
Here we have a pretty dated side scrolling platformer. It looks to be very similar to most platformers and it doesn't have any particularly unique features, except that you get to go through the game as various clones, over 100 apparently, each of which has their own unique abilities. The game is pretty lengthy with over forty levels and it also uses Steam stats and achievements. Take a look at this short gameplay video. 

Ancients of Ooga (Steam & Desura)
This is one of their more recent games, it came out last year on Steam, and like Cloning Clyde it is a puzzle platformer. In Ancients of Ooga you lead seven different tribes to freedom by utilizing each of their unique powers. Eventually you will lead all seven tribes in a revolt against a tryant, Boolis, but to do so you have to work through the game and recover lost abilities and powers. It is pretty lengthy with over fifty levels and it has a demo available on Steam. The game itself normally costs three times the current IndieRoyale bundle average. Now for some gameplay. 

Band of Bugs (Desura only)
I know of Band of Bugs and I have played it before, but on Xbox Live Arcade. It is a turn based RPG that looks and plays a bit like Final Fantasy Tactics or Ogre Tactics, but it doesn't really have the story telling, customization or class strength that either of those games have. It certainly isn't a bad game and I haven't played it enough to recommend it or not, but it does also have a demo available over on Ninjabee's Band of Bugs page. It also has four free DLC available for it, so if you do end up loving it there is a ton of content available. Video!

That is it for this IndieRoyale bundle. It certainly is an interesting one and many of these games regularly cost far more than than the cheap price of the bundle, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a great value, it all depends on whether or not you enjoy at least a couple of the games in the pack. Going to try to get out another couple of posts tonight and tomorrow. Thanks for reading.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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