Friday, March 2, 2012

King Arthur's Gold Single Player Released

I've written about King Arthur's Gold numerous times, it is a game I am quite fond of with all of it's options for creativity and mayhem, all within the guise of a 2d medieval warfare game. I've never thrown them my wallet and gone with the paid version, but I've had plenty of enjoyable times playing the free version. Up until recently when the game officially released it's huge 2.0 update, which you can read about here along with some more general information about the game, there was almost no content for people who had paid for the game, but with the 2.0 update they added customization to each class in the game. Now they have released the Zombie Fortress, which sounds wonderful. Their simple and jokingly brief instructions are build a fort and watch out for zombies, however it's more complicated than that and in good ways.

Currently this single player zombie mode doesn't support multiplayer, but they are going to add that in the future and make it so you can do co-op zombie mode. Since co-op zombie mode is what was they originally intended for this, they made it so you can recruit npc's in singleplayer with the new party mode. You can give them simple commands right now, they are working on more advanced commands like resource gathering for future updates, and just enough to help you survive the horde of zombies that will be at your doorstep as soon as night arrives. Simple instructions! 

On top of the whole zombie fort mode they are also added a bunch of changes to the CTF/TDM multiplayer modes, which you may look at here on the bottom of the post. Right now the game is still $9.99 for anyone who is inclined to check out the zombie mode or want's to add some customization onto multiplayer. If you want to try the game at all I do recommend it and you can download it over on the main website for free. When they are officially done with multiplayer, whenever that will be, the game will no longer be $9.99 and more likely $15. Thanks for reading and hope you give it a shot. Here is a video to show off some gameplay. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle

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  1. FYI, a good few server owners have had a go at multiplayer zombies already. Sometimes stuff bugs out and the server needs a restart, so it isn't overly stable, but it's well worth trying.

    Two zombie modes so far; team based (red and blue duke it out, but corpses come back to life, zombies pour in at night time, and some servers have shops where you can buy your own zombies) and the other is basically single player but with more people, ie, one team against all the zombies.

    Nice little place holder until the devs get the bugs ironed out! Industrious community if I do say so myself.