Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Legend of Grimrock Has Gone Gold

I know I wrote about Legend of Grimrock earlier this month, talking about how the game is going to release in April and why it looks like a great game, but now they have everything set down solidly and a new trailer to show off the game. Most importantly I would like to bring to your attention the new release date of April 11th. You may also pre-order the game now directly through the developer, Almost Human Games, or through newly renovated, also Steam will have the game on April 11th. For pre-ordering you get a whole bunch of goodies, like a decreased price $12 instead of $15, a game manual, a Legend of Grimrock world map, Grimrock theme music, a custom made grid,  wallpapers, art and a team photo. Sounds pretty nice to me, especially the whole cheaper price and presents. Now for a little overview, with the new information about the game, before I show off the pre-order trailer.

If you cannot tell from the screenshots this is first person party based dungeon crawler. The game is inspired by Ultima Underworld, Eye of the Beholder and Dungeon Master. The dungeons in the game are full of hidden switches, sliding walls, traps and plenty to make anyone want to go through the game cautiously. Each party member, of the four, can be customized with different races, classes, skills, traits, equipment and everything you might want to modify, most likely. There is a small crafting system for potions and spells use a rune system, which isn't entirely clear, but will likely mean you don't have innate spells and that you have to find them. Everything takes place in real-time and it still uses a grid based movement. Normally you have an automap, but if you want to be hardcore you can play the game in oldschool mode, which disables the automap. I've been following Grimrock for what seems like a year, probably not that long in reality though, and it is one of the games that I am most excited about. I grew up playing these kind of games, especially the old, challenging yet deep Might & Magic series. I cannot wait, now take a look at this trailer and if you want further information you know where to go.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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