Monday, March 5, 2012

Legend of Grimrock Set For Release

It's been a while since I've wrote about the party based first person dungeon crawler Legend of Grimrock, but now it is nearing its release of April 2012. It is a game full of puzzles, real time combat, traps and a design style that builds off the great old pc dungeon crawlers. It is coming out Windows first and it will be followed by a Mac and iOS release. One of the most challenging aspects of the game designs must have been the combat, do they keep it turn based like PC classics? or do they try real time and attempt to create something more progressive? Well they chose to take the real time approach and the combat looks to be fast and challenging, yet still familiar enough for fans of the genre. One of the other things that this game does new for the genre is it's 3d environment. Enemies are full 3d, as is the dungeon that you roam. It all has a great look to it that makes you feel like the game belongs in 2012. Check out the latest trailer and see how the game is turning out.

If you had been following this game at all you may notice that the UI has been updated, among other new things. The trailer also shows off traps and the smooth animations of enemies. The story of the game hasn't been revealed much, but you control four prisoners that are thrown into a dungeon to die. A dungeon that is full of slimes, giant spiders, murderous statues and traps. The team working on the game has experience working on Alan Wake, Max Payne 2, Shattered Horizon and plenty of other games, but there are only four of them, despite that it is great to see a release date set in stone. There isn't a price for the game yet, but if you are a fan of recent dungeon crawlers like Wizardy: Labyrinth of Lost Souls then Legend of Grimrock will likely be very enticing to you. Any further information you like to know about the game may be found on the Legend of Grimrock Website and if you are curious about the game coming to Steam or other popular distribution services then I must inform you that currently it doesn't look to be coming out on anything like that, but further details will emerge as April nears and they get their release build done. Thanks for reading. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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