Monday, March 19, 2012

The Second Android Humble Bundle

That is right, this is the second Humble Bundle that focuses on games for Android phones/gaming devices. Just like the previous one all of these games are also available on PC, Linux and Mac, so if you get it for "Android" you are also getting it for all of those. This Humble Bundle is exactly like the rest, meaning it's pay what you want and all the money goes to charity (Child's Play) or the developers, which you of course have control of. This time around we have Canabalt, Avadon: The Black Fortress, Cogs, Zen Bound 2 and Swords & Soldiers. You may proceed straight to the Humble Bundle page to check it out, or you may read on for a short summary and a video of each of the five games. I should note that Swords & Soldiers is only available if you pay more than the average and at the current moment that means paying more than $5.82.

Canabalt by Semi Secret Software
At first Canabalt seems like some free arcade game that are you likely to see at Kongregate or Armor Games, but it has a bit more depth than that. It is a game about running over the rooftops of a city that is under attack by Aliens. The Android version is in full 3d, while the PC, Mac and Linux version has an option for two player hot seat. The game also comes with the soundtrack, no matter what version you are getting it for, and there isn't a whole lot more to the game, but you can try it for free on their website! Go check it out here, or watch this video below, but it's better to play it yourself.

Avadon: The Black Fortress by Spiderweb Software
You may have tried Avadon: The Black Fortress already if you are a PC gamer, merely because it came out quite some time ago on Steam and it had a demo there as well. It still has a demo available, through Steam or through the main website, but it's a demo I personally disliked quite a bit and I was told doesn't represent the whole game very well. The game is a RPG that pays homage to old greats like Baldur's Gate, Planescape or Icewind Dale. It's supposed to be quite long and has a lot of typical RPG options, like character customization, multiple classes, plentiful amounts of loots and you control a small party of adventurers. Take a look at it in motion.

Cogs by Lazy 8 Studios
Cogs is a well liked puzzle game that has some attractive steampunk visuals and gives you fifty levels to beat. It also has a demo available for PC, available at the main website here, and the game contains three different game modes to mix up the challenge. The game is also available on iPad and iPhone, but that's not part of the bundle. Check out the video! 

Zen Bound 2 by Secret Exit
This game is about wrapping a wooden figure in twine through rotation. Sounds odd. It is also available on iOS and it is a best seller on that platform. It is lauded for it's impressive soundtrack, which also comes with this Humble Bundle version. The game looks perfect for touch screen and I'm not quite certain how it will work for PC, Mac or Linux, but it should work perfectly for Android. It certainly looks interesting. Feel free to check out more on the main website or watch the video to see it in motion. 

Swords & Soldiers by Ronimo Games and Two Tribes
This is the only game other than Avadon that I have personal experience playing. Swords & Soldiers has been out for quite some time on PSN, iOS and PC. Swords & Soldiers takes the back and forth side scrolling strategy of many online games and adds new gameplay additions, plus a good deal of depth, to make an entertaining experience. It isn't the easiest game out there, but if you want to play a low price game that has a highly polished arcade feel to it then you are in luck. Check out this trailer to see it in action, or the main website for more information. Also, once again, this is game is only available through the bundle if you pay the average. 

That's it for this Humble Bundle and head on over to their main page to find out more about everything related. Thanks for reading. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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