Friday, March 9, 2012

Space Pirates & Zombies Update Inbound

It has been quite some time since Space Pirates & Zombies has done a large update, sure there has been a lot of fixes, but not all that much new content since the game released back in August of 2011. Now we have all kinds of new content on the way that is focused on Bounty Hunters, it is all set to hit on on March 19th. If you are unfamiliar with this enjoyable tactical space rpg, then I suggest you take a look at my hands on impressions from last September.  Now, let's go through the list of new content and not waste one second longer, but before that, take a look at the new ships that will be coming in the update.


Read on for the a list of all the info about the Bounty Hunter faction, plus some new content in general.

New Content for March 19th Update

-Ten new ships! Two of new ships of each size, plus a Bounty Hunter tier 3 ship that will advance as the game progresses.

-Bounty Hunter faction is now in the game and will work similarly to how the other factions in the game work.

-1/6 of all Star Systems will have Bounty Hunter strongholds, which are their strongest bases.

-Bounty Hunters may only roam in their Star System and any neighboring ones.

-There are Arena Challenges that you may compete in, about 150 of them, and for each tier of challenges you beat you can earn a unique specialist.

-At a Bounty Hunter stronghold you can pay off your bounty, hire bounty hunters as helpers, hire bounty hunters to go clear off warp gates. This is also where you compete in the Arena Challenges.

-If you manage to destroy a Bounty Hunter base all of their influence and power will be destroyed in that system and the neighboring systems, but eventually it will be rebuilt.

-If you commit crimes or offensive actions against the UTA or CIV they may post a bounty on you. Your bounty can continue to build up and the higher the bounty the more trouble you can expect.

-There is a new respect system that is the opposite of bounty. You get respect from doing missions, blowing up Bounty Hunter bases and competing in the Arena.

-Bounty Hunter's may rob you, basically, and demand money from you when try to leave their system. The amount of money they extort from you will be determined by how many goods you are carrying. If you try to fight them they will come at you with some of their strongest and most difficult ships.

-Bounty Hunter ships are far more versatile then normal ship configurations. You have far more options for mounting weapons and utilities, but Bounty Hunter ships are harder to obtain.

-Sector 4, one of the last sections of the game, will have a new surprise enemy.

*Your save game will be intact with the new patch and the new content will be integrated into it, but they are not certain that you will experience 100% of the new content unless you start a new game.

All of this sounds pretty great and it's something fans have really been eager for ever since the developers talked about the possibility of Bounty Hunters. It looks to be the biggest update there has ever been for the game and I am eager to start a new game and jump into it. The new faction looks to be really tough for those felt like SPAZ got rather easy in the late game, the Bounty Hunter ships sound huge and powerful. Once again, all of this will be coming on March 19th and it will be free. Lastly, here is another screenshot of a bounty hunter space station and ship.


Thanks for reading everyone, hope you are excited about this as well. If you don't own the game it is available on Steam or through their main website below. The game does have a demo and it is often on sale, plus the developers are very kind about giving their game away to fans. Hope you check it out.
Main Website:
Bounty Hunter Forum Announcement

Thanks to Rock Paper Shotgun for the heads up.
-Written by Sean Cargle


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