Saturday, March 3, 2012

Star Wars: The Old Republic Update 1.2 Preview

We are a little over two months into the release of Star Wars: The Old Republic and from reading all the SWTOR forums, this update may very well be what keeps players sticking around or what makes players freeze their accounts.  Now, this isn't to say that SWTOR is in any way a bad game (Review coming soon), but the lack of end game content is losing a lot of players interest.  Sure the store is amazing, and yes there are a lot of different characters you can make, but once you hit 50, your only options are PvP and running Flashpoints/Operations.  For the more hardcore mmo players, this may not be enough for them to pay the $14.99 monthly fee.  Me personally, I have been a huge advocate for the game, I try to spread as much good word as I can, but I can also understand the frustration among players that hit the 50 cap.

With that said, I think Bioware knows how close they are to losing players if content is not released.  They have made numerous attempts to promise players that they are working hard to bring new content.  Even releasing weekly Q&A forums with developers to answer players questions about changes to come.  Now, they have not released any official patch notes but they have answered questions about what can be expected in the new patch.  I wanted to make a list of what we will possibly see in the new patch from the Q&A forums, but also make a wishlist of what we want to see come out in the game. Read on for all of that and a video of the 1.2 Patch.

What We Will See In 1.2:


- A new warzone will be introduced with same faction vs faction play.
- Ranking system that will match players together based off of rank and skill.
- Healers that heal another player that makes a kill will receive credit for that players kill (coming in 1.1.5)


- Guild banks will now be available.


- End game gear (i.e. Tionese, Columi etc.) will now have the armor modification unlocked so players can transfer item stats to other custom gear.
- New social armor will be available from social item vendors.
- New items and gear will be available to purchase from acquiring PvP and Flashpoint badges.
- Color crystals will be available and no longer require light or dark side affiliation.
- A new rare white saber crystal will be in the game.


-New level 50+ items will be available for each crafting skill.
- New color crystals will be available for craft.
- New Schematics will be added.
- Special end game crafting items will be available such as augment crafting and new custom (orange) gear.


- A new Flashpoint will be added as part of an epic story line.

General Fixes/Features:

- Smart Combat camera (camera will auto adjust during pvp to help players focus on combat)
- Legacy system will be introduced, including various benefits for each character on your server.
- New races will be available through the legacy system for players to unlock.
- New ship upgrades will be available through the legacy system.
- New 'hue to chest' system to help match gear color.
- Various bug fixes to quests and flashpoints.

Now this is just an idea of what could be coming in update 1.2 based off of the Q&A.  The guild summit that is streaming live this Monday will also give a good idea what what we will see in 1.2.  We have also made our own wishlist of what we want to see in the game.

Our Wishlist:

- Merging servers for population increase.
- More guild features such as leveling, missions, logos, gear and guild wars (GMs putting bountys on other players would be sweet)
- Guild capital ships (already being talked about)
- More mini-games!
- Better "looking for group" system with possible cross server application.
-Some other incentive at level fifty other than gear.
-A working open world pvp system, which they are already creating in a new pvp planet.
-More unique flashpoints, like Kaon Under Siege

We would love to hear what you want to see in the game that would make you keep coming back.

*Update: Someone decided to record the 1.2 trailer with slightly less than awful quality, take a look at that.

-Written by Adam Borchert


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