Tuesday, April 3, 2012

0X10C, A New Space Game by Notch

Yeah that is definitely a weird name and it is apparently derived from a computer error. On April 1st Notch joked that he was creating a space game and it would be called Mars Effect. I thought that was all a joke, entirely, but he was merely joking about the name, not the project.0X10C is a very ambitious space game that will connect all players via a multiverse, whether you are playing singleplayer or multiplayer. The story is crazy, but basically people start to wake up after trillions of years of sleep and find the universe to be on the brink of extinction. There will be black holes everywhere and these people will have to deal with an immensely different universe.

The game is very sparse on information, but so far Notch has said that the game will include hard science fiction, mining, trading, looting, engineering, computer systems, pvp and player versus environment (npc) space battles, duct tape, an economy system, random encounters and you will be able to seamlessly land on planets. There is no pricing for the game yet, but he said it is likely to follow the same model as Minecraft in which the game will be released in an early form and players will be able to help shape it. Oddly enough it sounds like a multiplayer game, even though there is singleplayer, and there will likely be a monthly fee if you join the multiverse (which there aren't any details on). Feel free to check out all of the initial details of the game below and I will certainly write more on this when more is revealed. Thanks for reading.
Main Website: http://0x10c.com/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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