Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Aliens: Colonial Marines SP & MP Gameplay

The last Alien's game, Alien vs Predator (2010) wasn't the game fans wanted. It did some things right, but for the most part left people wanting something like the original Alien vs Predator (1999) or at least something that delivered the atmosphere and tension that the movies created. Colonial Marines has nothing to do with Predators and is purely focusing on Marines versus Aliens. Gearbox Software showed off a highly linear and rigid gameplay demo back in September, something that worried many gamers, yet still showed a visually impressive engine and some exciting possibilities. Today they released some new videos, one to Jeuxvideo.Fr TV (a French gaming website) and the other very popular IGN. One shows off a good chunk of singleplayer gameplay, all of which hasn't been shown anywhere else as far as I am aware, and the other is a multiplayer preview that describes the basics of multiplayer and shows off multiplayer gameplay.

The game looks a lot better than last time I saw it, it definitely has a really good atmosphere, but A.I. looks to need a bit of work, as does balancing. One of the biggest complaints I've seen about the game is the Aliens, they don't seem to act particularly stealthy and generally seem to come right up to the player, head on, instead of creating a sense of fear at not knowing when they are going to strike or where they are. The game is going to come out this Fall, no specific date yet, on Xbox 360, PC and PS3. Hopefully it gives fans of the series something to cheer up for once, god knows all the recent Alien movies have been terrible. Onto the gameplay videos. 

Jeuxvideo.Fr TV Singleplayer Gameplay Video

IGN Multiplayer Preview/Gameplay

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