Thursday, April 19, 2012

ARMA 3: Stratis Island

ARMA 3 has been stingy on releasing new information and gameplay. Back at the beginning of April they released a teaser video and an animation video, which I put together into a short post that showed off some older gameplay as well. The teaser was for Stratis Island, a new island that is massive in size, 19km (about 12 miles), and gorgeous. The island will home a major Nato base and it is supposed to fictionally situated in Greece. There are a couple of army bases on the island, a few small towns, an old radar facility and a massive airbase. There is no word on other island, or land masses, but this island is likely to only be an extra area on top of a massive island or landmass, like the previous games. Read on for a little bit more information and the video.

Unfortunately the new video and information is merely all intel, no information on gameplay or more importantly video of gameplay. ARMA 2 was quite rocky with it's AI problems, controls, troublesome interface, loads of bugs and lack of optimization, so everyone is eager to see how, or if, they fixed those problems for ARMA 3. I for one have always loved ARMA games, despite their flaws, and cannot wait for ARMA 3, but it still seems to be quite some ways off. They have already shown off improved sniping and an entirely new underwater system that will allow you to perform underwater espionage, but not a whole lot more, yet. Check out the official post on Stratis Island below and take a look at the new and gorgeous two
minute video.


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-Written by Sean Cargle


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