Monday, April 30, 2012

Blockade Runner Gearing up for Multiplayer

It's been about four months since I last wrote about Blockade Runner, the space craft building game inspired by Infiniminer and Minecraft, and a few days ago they put up footage of multiplayer being tested. The grand design of Blockade Runner is about far more than just building space ships, ZanMgt plans to eventually have a procedurally generated galaxy that will host some mighty fine multiplayer adventures, but the game is currently at a point where everything is focused on crafting space ships. Last time I wrote about the game they had just put symmetry into the game and a couple of other user-friendly features, check that out here, and it has gone quite some ways since then. The most recent updates have discussed character models and faces, plus their new swiss army knife tool that will help players with almost everything. They also seem to highlight different player designs every week, like this one.


Just like Minecraft players have been quite creative with ship designs. There are giant battleships, huge carriers, and even a Star Wars Nebulon B Frigate.

Before I say anything else take a look at the multiplayer test video that ZanMgt put up on the 28th.


Like many Indie Games Blockade Runner has a pre-order model that let's you immediately get playing the current build of the game. They also have forums up where you may voice concerns and interact with the developers. I've been following Blockade Runner for a very long time and it's good to see an update that is unrelated to ship design, hopefully development will move along smoothly and produce a fantastic space adventure game. If you want to check it out, or pre-order, head on over to the Blockade Runner Website. They put up development videos very frequently if you want to keep track of the development and see how it's going, just check out their Youtube Channel. Thanks for checking it out once again. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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