Monday, April 16, 2012

Dragon's Dogma Demo Out Next Week

Capcom announced today that the upcoming party based RPG Dragon's Dogma will be releasing a demo on PS3 and Xbox 360 next week. Specifically the demo will be showing up on the 24th for those in the US, while it will show up on the 25th for those in Europe. The full game will be coming out less than a month after on May 22nd in the US and May 25th in Europe. If you don't know the game then I refer you to my unintentionally lengthy Dragon's Dogma Overview that I wrote up back at the end of March. Read on for a little bit info on the game and information on the restrictions of the demo, plus a newly released video.

The Chimerian from the Demo

Dragon's Dogma is an open world RPG, one that is a little bit like Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim except with massive boss fights, a party system and a bit more structure (I'm fairly certain you cannot travel anywhere in the game at any point). Your party in the demo will consist of three followers, whom are called pawns in the game, and you will have the option of playing two different pre-set character classes. The first class is a melee specialist, a fighter that focuses on counter attacks and offensive actions, and that character will have it's own section of the game in the demo. With the melee specialist you will be fighting a deadly Chimerian (probably one a slightly different version of the greek Chimera) in a quest that is a prologue to the main quest line. The other class, the Strider, is a rogue type of class that uses bow and daggers. The Strider will be set up against a Griffin that will be roaming the plains outside of the city of Gransys. Oddly enough, the Strider quest seems to be what I played of the game last year at E3 and it was quite fun then, so hopefully it's a even more refined version of that demo.

The Griffin from the Demo

The last bit of information I have about the demo is that you can customize these two characters quite a bit, plus your main pawn (you have one main follower that is very customizable), and you will be able to then export both of these characters to the main game if you end up purchasing it at the end of May. This will be a full priced game ($60), unfortunately, but it looks to be quite the competitor for everyone other RPG out of there, especially with it's Capcom style combat, massive enemies, deep party system and huge world. Fore more check out the main website, but I will leave you with this newly released gameplay video that shows off a battle with a giant Cockatrice.
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