Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The First SSX DLC Arriving Soon

The first SSX DLC will be popping up on May 1st. One part of it is a new mountain, Mt. Eddie, and the other part is classics character pack, all within this new classics theme. Mt. Eddie is a fairly large mountain, containing nine race and trick drops. It is a mountain full of ridiculousness, like fireworks, incredibly long grind rails, some giant drops and overly colorful environments. Check out the new trailer for the DLC and then check out the few details about it, like pricing. If you don't know SSX, for PS3 and Xbox 360, check out my PS3 review of SSX from March.

The character pack will have seven new characters, all from either SSX 3 or Tricky, each of which has their own unique snowboard. The classics pack will also include three new soundtracks. The pack is indeed a pack of all this new content, but they have also split it up incase you only want parts of it. The pack will be coming out on May 1st and I'm willing to bet it will cost $7.99, which actually isn't all that awful coming from EA, especially considering that's a bunch of new characters, nine new tracks and three new music tracks for under $10. If you want to purchase them separately you are a little bit crazy, seeing as to how the character pack is $5.99 and Mt. Eddie is $5.99. For more about the DLC check out the official announcement. Thanks for reading and keep your eyes out for the DLC on May 1st.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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