Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Huge News for Freeworlds: Tides of War

The developers at Freeworlds: Tides of War have been hinting at something big coming in April and today they revealed that it will be a huge playable demo. Originally they planned to release the full beta version of the mod in March, but they pushed that back to an undisclosed date. They have never released anything publicly for the mod and the demo they are releasing, which they are calling the demonstration package of the mod, is absolutely massive, but before I get over my head let me tell you what Freeworlds: Tides of War, incase you've never seen any of my previous posts about it. It is a total conversion for Freelancer, meaning 100% new content, and it is all Star Wars based. It is a huge project that has been going for years and it looks to put players in a massive multiplayer universe in which to battle npc's, battle other players and engage in giant fleet battles with all of your favorite ships from the Star Wars universe. If you want to read about it thoroughly check out my overview from last December. Take a look at this video and see how it looks in action, it's a bit old, but still exciting.


The upcoming demo will give you access to over 100 of the games playable ships, full access to the graphical engine, two systems to explore, npc's to engage in combat with and player versus player combat. You will be able to experience normal combat and also capital ship combat. Players will start with some cash, enough to buy a small fighter, but you will have to earn more by fighting npc starfighters and collecting their loot. Eventually you can earn enough to buy a capital ship, eventually, and it's best to try to earn money by teaming up with other players. For those wanting player versus player they will be arranging some big events for players to take part in. The demo will of course only be a fraction of the full release and I will certainly write about the full release once that day comes. The demo will need Freelancer, just like the full release will require. Check out the links below for more information and thanks for reading. Will do a new, short, post once the demo is indeed out. 
Main Website: http://www.freeworldstidesofwar.com
Moddb Page: http://www.moddb.com/mods/fwtow

-Written by Sean Cargle

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  1. Thanks again for the great publication. The mod will require Freelancer. Our main website has changed, it's http://www.freeworldstidesofwar.com

    Thanks again!!