Monday, April 9, 2012

Lone Survivor, An Exemplary Horror Game

Here we have this an adult psychological horror game that has a ton of depth and most importantly nails the tone, much like Amnesia: The Dark Descent did. The art style is not something you would expect to have the capacity to make you feel unease, but it uses that against you. You might expect it to be colorful and filled with friendly tones, instead it greets you with monsters, atrocities, bodies, darkness and pure horror. In this game you need to eat, sleep, hide from monsters and traverse an apartment building that has been devastated from the unknown disease that has brought humanity to its knees. Lone Survivor came out at the end of March and has made positive impressions all over the place, party due to it's free demo available over at Kongregate, which can be played in your browser. The game is about 6-8 hours long and you can play through with non-violence in mind or you can kill everything that moves. Check out this trailer, a trailer that does a terrible job showing how the game feels when you are actually playing it, but at least it shows it in action.


In the game your character is nameless and is obviously having psychotic problems due to the state of the world. There are many different paths through the apartment building in which you start in, some harrowing and dangerous, but rewarding, while others are more straight forward and slightly less horrifying. One of the most memorable parts of the demo was one of these questionable paths. It took me through an outside area of the game, covered with disease, monsters and growing organisms. I thought I was going to die, especially since I could hear the monsters continually coming after me, but in the end it ended up being a shortcut to the other side of the apartment building. I did this all before I had received any weapons, so it was a little terrifying, but satisfyingly so. If you are fans of games like Amnesia, the older more horror based Silent Hill games or the Clocktower Series then you should find Lone Survivor to be very appealing. 

Lone Survivor does have the demo available, which I highly recommend, and if you feel so inclined to purchase it then you may do so for $10 through the main website. It is available for PC & Mac, plus it has no DRM. Jasper Byrne has created something really unique in Lone Survivor and I hope you all get it a try. Thanks for reading and check out the main website for more. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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