Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lost Planet 3 Revealed

It's been two years since Lost Planet 2 came out, a third person shooter that had you fighting pirates, monsters (The Akrid) and giant mechs; Capcom has now revealed that, seemingly to everyone in the press world, that Lost Planet 3 is in development. There are already screenshots, a trailer and some features ready to be divulged. They have quite a bit to live up to after Lost Planet 2 was met with a great deal of criticism and caused the fanbase to lose a bit of hope for the series, especially since the first Lost Planet had so much promise.

Lost Planet 3 will still be coming out for PS3, Xbox 360 and PC, like it's predecessors, but it will not be coming out till early 2013. The series will be returning to E.D.N. III, the planet from the first two games, and they will be creating an ever changing climate. That seems pretty vague and it still is, but one could hope that means that there will be a great deal of different environments in the game, or there will be a system that will make each area of the game feel like it's constantly being changed over time. You will be playing a low class worker named Jim, I know super unique name there, and he is taking risky assignments in order to get extra pay and return to his family. He deals with the harsh environment of E.D.N. III with his utility rig, a vehicle that has different tools to help deal with unpredictable situations, like ice storms. That means most of the game will consist of either being in that rig or running around on foot, which sounds pretty similar to the old games, but the idea of having your own specific rig should be a bit different.

The Rig
The Akrid are back in Lost Planet 3, which you could probably tell from the second screenshot up there, so you can expect plenty of giant boss fights that are fairly epic in scale. Surprisingly there are not pirates mentioned, only the Akrid, but I cannot imagine the game entirely being only about them with no gun battles of any kind. Lastly, the game will be supporting a full set of unrevealed multiplayer modes. All of the information is pretty vague, but that's what you tend to get for a reveal. There is a trailer for the game that was released as well, unfortunately it has zero gameplay, but I will keep checking up with Capcom and see what this game turns into. Here is to hoping that it as splendid as Lost Planet 2 could have been. As always, thanks for reading.


-Written by Sean Cargle


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