Sunday, April 22, 2012

Nekro Kickstarter

Kickstarter has been a place for gamers to fund interesting and unique projects, while also to revive old school classics like Shadowrun and Wasteland. Nekro falls into the first category, a game that is weird, intriguing and unique. This is a PC, Mac and Linux game that has you controlling an evil necromancer that moves throughout the world destroying villages and building an army.You also have a crafting system that is fairly complicated, but   is all about brewing things that you find throughout the world. Unlike many other Kickstarters this game is already in alpha with some actual screenshots and it has a great deal written out about gameplay. The project is inspired by some fantastic classics like Myth, Giants: Citizen Kabuto and Dungeon Keeper. Many people have reservations about Kickstarters like this because the developers are inexperienced, but with Nekro the developers at Darkforge are veterans from Blizzard, Sony, Microsoft and others. If you are interested I'm sure you have plenty of questions, so watch this Kickstarter video and see the game in action, plus plenty of descriptions and info.

One of the most exciting things about the game, to me, is that the world is randomly generated and customizable. You can make a small world that can be conquered within an hour or you can create one that has fifty areas and will take many hours to beat. I also love the idea that the game will have random world events, like werewolves infesting the world or the king calling a crusade on your home. In the video they explain the game mechanics a little, but they have also done two fairly large Q&A's to answer more questions about the game. You can find part one here, which is about the world map, the goal of the game, summoning and monster behavior; part two you may find here, which addresses the story, the crafting system, tower/your home base upgrades, length of a campaign, persistence and world events. 

The Kickstarter for Nekro has ten days left and it still needs $50,000 more in pledges to meet the goal of $100,000. $15 is the minimum to get any kind of reward, which will get you a digital copy of the game and forum access, $25 will get you all of that plus early beta access, your name in the credits and a free desktop background. There are also plenty of other rewards all the way up to $10,000, but everything beyond $75 is pretty dang pricey for the rewards, then again if you are doing it just to support the game then it doesn't matter all that much what the rewards are. Games like this are often thought about, but rarely realized and rarely backed by a team of experienced developers. This is the type of game that could and should thrive on PC, Mac and Linux if it is developed well, so here's to hoping it makes the goal in 10 days. Thank you for reading and for more check out the links below. 
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Nekro Blog:

-Written by Sean Cargle


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