Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Out Today on PC: Confrontation

Cyanide Studios is barely known and what they are known mostly for, besides the moderately fun Blood Bowl, is the two Game of Thrones games, one RPG that has yet to be released and the terrible strategy game Game of Thrones: Genesis. Today, on PC, they released Confrontation, a largely unknown game that has had very little press and no official gameplay videos. It is a boardgame adaption and they made it into an action rpg that put's you in a high fantasy world of Aarklash where four factions are fighting it out in a brutal war. You take control of an elite squad from the Griffin faction, a customizable squad that you will grow throughout the campaign by completing side missions. Each character you find it supposed to be unique and you will have to balance them all to make up your squad. Besides the singleplayer campaign it will have a multiplayer mode that let's you control one of the four factions, but the big questions are how does everything control and how does gameplay work. I will attempt to answer that with the information that is available, first off take a look at this gameplay that SoftpediaGamesReview put up from a week ago, it's early gameplay, but a lot better than nothing.

While the video is obviously early game, likely the first level, it does still show off the game quite a bit and it certainly gives you an idea of what the game may be like in the long run. It holds many familiar aspects of action rpg's, like being able to pause, characters can auto-attack, you have to use each characters abilities to get through tough battles and each character has hp/mana or energy. There are many spells and abilities in the game, many of which affect a character negatively or positively over time, which should be a familiar concept for anyone who has played more than one rpg. If you have played Warhammer 40K: Dawn of War 2 then you will likely be at home with the way the game plays out and controls, not only because it looks a lot like that, graphically and level design, but also because the few people who have played the game have said that it plays very similarly to that game. 

The game does have multiplayer, but it isn't clearly stated anywhere what that is. Testers say that there isn't any co-op multiplayer and that there is only a 1vs1 arena where each side picks a faction and a team then battles it out, round based. I have no idea whether that actually is the case of the retail game, but since there is no information that is the best I can find. The game came out on today, on the 4th, is available for $40 on Steam and through their website. It does have some nasty DRM that only allows you to install the game five times and that will likely turn many off. Despite all that it looks a lot better than Game of Thrones Genesis, but it seems to have followed a similar path of no marketing, no developer videos, no gameplay videos and no demo. Here's to hoping it is at least halfway descent. Thanks for reading. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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