Friday, April 27, 2012

Portal 2 Creation Tools On The Way

Not too many people are talking about Portal 2 these days. It is generally agreed that it's a pretty great game, but there hasn't been all that much DLC or Mod support for the game. Sure plenty of people have made modifications for the game, some great ones, but they were never all in once or all at that easy to use. Today Valve put up the Portal 2 Perpetual Testing Initiative. It is a new DLC that contains a user friendly puzzle-creator that will be integrated with the wonderful Steam Workshop. The puzzle maker will let you easily create your own test chambers, test your own test chambers and upload them to them Steam Workshop. More information can be found on the Portal 2 page below, but check out the video and if you have Portal 2 you better check this out when it releases on May 8th for PC and Mac.
Main Website:

*Added a video of the puzzle maker in action. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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