Thursday, April 26, 2012

Sapience's Amazing Trailer

Ever single day I browse the modding community of MODDB for news and interesting posts/projects, but rarely is there anything too exciting going on over there other than small updates or discussions. Every once in a while there are some really exciting projects to watch and keep track of, like Freeworlds Tides of War, which I have written about many times here, but today I was shown a very exciting and promising modification for Crysis 2, a modification called Sapience. The mod is being made by Dark Craft Studios, a team of fifteen people, and they are creating a science fiction mod of the highest quality. Before I write anymore about Sapience take a look at the trailer they released today for the game, it is quite impressive.


Hopefully that trailer got your attention, particularly because of the high quality of this mod and it's seemingly high chances of actually being completed. Sapience is going to be a partial conversion campaign of Crysis 2, which will be set in an entirely new and different science fiction universe. They are making a campaign with at least ten levels that should last six or seven hours, plus they are planning to do some multiplayer levels. Everything in the video is actually pre-alpha, so the developers are warning that this is not even close to what he game will eventually look like. The story for the campaign involves Human settlers, on a distant planet, fighting off artificial intelligence that have taken over their colonization efforts. You can read more about the games concept over at their MODDB page, but for now there isn't much on it. I will certainly do updates on this project as it moves along it's lengthy development schedule. Thanks for checking it out and I will be back shortly with more. 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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