Thursday, April 5, 2012

A Short Look At ARMA 3

ARMA 2 was a good game, it had a ton of problems with stability, bugs, A.I. and it's modding tools, but it often shed an impressive light on the War Simulation Genre of gaming. ARMA 3 looks to fix many of those problems and further increase the graphical prowess of the series. I've written about it once or twice before here, but it's still not that close to release and not a lot has been shown since Gamescom last year. Today they showed off a new video teaser that highlighted their new animations and gorgeous graphical engine. There are a few older gameplay videos around the web too, so I will throw in one of those after the animation video. First off, a quick overview for anyone who has absolutely no idea what game I'm talking about or why it's exciting.

ARMA 3 Overview:
The series is known for having absolutely huge open maps, the first game, Operation Flashpoint, had a massive island and ARMA 2 had a fairly large island plus a giant landmass that was supposed to represent a small country. In ARMA 3 they haven't revealed if it's an island or a landmass, but it is still going to be massive and open for you to explore, complete with towns, villages, cities and traffic. In all of the games you control the military, not only in first person, but also as a squad leader or commander. You could command squadrons of tanks, entire operations or just a small squad of six people. The same ideas apply to ARMA 3 and there will still be online multiplayer modes, huge modes that allow custom content, custom servers and access to the entire map. The game will also have a significant solo campaign, just like ARMA 2. 

Now that that's over let me introduce the video and leave you all to that. It is a bonus video on top of this animation interview, in which they describe how they go about creating movement, facial and weapon animations, check that out here.

Now for some actual gameplay, dated gameplay, but still a tid bit interesting. This one is just showing off firing mechanisms and such.

I had to add one more, sorry. This describes and shows off the world of the game, a tiny bit. Will do more posts on ARMA 3 as soon as some significant new information surfaces and such. Thanks for reading.
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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