Thursday, April 12, 2012

Star Command New Trailer

Rarely do I write about iOS games, except when they are released as part of my monthly iPhone review round-up, but Star Command has got me excited in a way that only a space ship management game can. It has the looks of an old SNES game, but with modern improvements and charm, while it has obvious Star Trek influences in terms of character design. If you are one who has been following Kickstarter the name may look familiar, seeing as to how it was on there back in October of 2011 and it was successfully funded. They claim that the game is influenced by some of my favorite games, like X-Com, Game Dev Story and The Sims, but they haven't yet shown off how the game actually plays. Although, today they released the first trailer ever for the game, which is quite well done if I may say so, but it is indeed a teaser and not one of gameplay. Check that out and then read on for a bit for some further explanation of why Star Command is a game to anticipate.


Alright, now for some details. Your ship will be entirely customizable, meaning you can deck it out like a battleship, or outfit it for diplomatic means, or making it into a science vessel, it is all really is determined by how you want to play the game. Researching is very similar sounding to X-Com, in which it unlocks new rooms for your ship, new weapons, new abilities and new upgrades. You may be wondering what you actually do in the game, well it's basically an open exploration type of game. You will have a universe to explore and you will travel through sectors, so it is confined a little, but still fairly open ended. You can find planets, search abandoned vessels, send out away teams and conduct diplomacy, among other things, like battling other ships. Each ship will have shields and unique weapons, plus enemies can send boarding parties onto your ship if you shields have been taken down. I also must not forget that each ship can be uniquely damaged, meaning that a hole could get blown open in a space bearing wall and suck your crew out into space. 

The combat system that manages the crew is described as being like "X-Com", so presumably that means it will be turn based and room to room. Each crew member is a single customizable entity, with their own name, armor, uniforms, weapons, power-ups and pets. Like Star Trek each crew member will be assigned to tactical, engineering or science, each of which has their own shirt color.

Star Command will be coming out on iOS sometime this Summer, likely sooner than later seeing as how the game was originally going for a Winter 2011 release. They are currently contemplating a second Kickstarter project, but I doubt that is allowed and it seems rather sleazy to do so. On the bright side the developers said that a PC version is likely if they get good enough sales, but who knows if iOS gamers will snap this one up, maybe PC should have been their first target. If you want to check it out some more take a look at the links below and thanks for reading. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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