Tuesday, April 17, 2012

World of Warplanes Dev Diary

World of Warplanes is the second game by Wargaming.net, the first of which is the widely popular free to play player versus player WWII tank game World of Tanks. Warplanes is going to be following the same type of model, WWII player versus player combat, except for the whole planes instead of tanks, otherwise they look to be very similar games. One big difference is the maps, World of Warplanes has better looking maps, larger maps and huge air spaces in which to engage in air battles of all kinds. They currently only have planes representing Germany, USA and Russia, but they will be eventually adding in Japanese and British warplanes. Each side currently has about thirty planes available, but they have a goal of creating one hundred planes per side. Combat at the moment doesn't look at the all exciting, but seeing as how I haven't played the game yet I cannot really say. If they can match the excitement of air combat in BF1942, or IL-2 Sturmovik, then I will be a happy camper. Take a look at the recently released dev diary, before I go into some information about the alpha.

They currently have an alpha going on, but you have to sign up and hope to be selected. It is a global alpha that is taking places in several parts of the world, with over a thousand testers, which is pretty tiny compared to the 100,000 applications they have apparently received. They will likely be increasing the number of testers over time, especially once they reached the beta phase. They are hoping for a lot of community feedback in order to shape the game, so if you are interested at all get on it. If you wanted to see a bit more gameplay than the above video, then check out a little bit of alpha gameplay below. If you want more information on the game you know where to look, thanks for reading.
Main Website: http://na.worldofwarplanes.com/

-Written by Sean Cargle


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