Monday, May 21, 2012

Air Mech Coming to Steam

I've never written about Air Mech, but I should have, especially since I love real time strategy games for PC. Air Mech takes some of the micromanagement out of your hands as you set your troops in defense, support or offensive modes. You still build a lot, but in each game you have troops that automatically spawn from your main base and attack the closest base automatically (similar to DOTA or LoL). Additionally you may build various types of troops from any base you own, all of which have a specific requirement and cannot be built indefinitely. You control everything from your Mech, which can take the form of a jet or a ground Mech. Both forms are quite powerful, but they cannot take too many hits and you have to orchestrate your attack with other units in order to be successful. When you are jet (or helicopter) form you can pick up any of your units and set them into the automated modes I previously mentioned. Air Mech is designed for multiplayer, co-op or PvP, but you can also play the game solo against computer opponents. Before I go into any more details about the game take a look at some gameplay.


Carbon Games took a lot of basic RTS concepts and mixed them together into something pretty attractive and enjoyable. You have your Mech, which has a career level and gains ability points every time you level, and you also have all of your troops and bases to manage. The goal is to eventually encroach upon the enemies base and destroy it. As you level up your unlock different units and different mechs. You can customize your army and bring it all into any game. Currently Air Mech is in alpha and you may play it for free if you wish to try it out. You can download it onto your PC or you may play it through Google Chrome's app page. Either way check it out here

The Air Mech Alpha is ending pretty soon and they just announced that it will be coming to Steam. If you want to get into the Steam testing you can obtain a key by liking Air Mech on Facebook or Google+ and waiting for them to hand out keys, which they be doing every so often. No matter which version you play on they promise that all accounts will be linked together. The Steam version will be adding some new features to the game, but they haven't announced what those will be just yet. To check out more on all this check out the links below and thanks for checking out Air Mech. Even if you don't find it to be to your liking you should give it a try if you are into real time strategy games. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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