Sunday, May 27, 2012

Amazon Mayhem Sale

I've been meaning to write about the Amazon Mayhem Video Game Sale for a week, but it's been a busy week and I hope I am forgiven. The Mayhem Sale is a huge video game sale that Amazon is doing for PC games. It's been running since May 17th and they have been adding new games every day. All of these games are digital downloads, one way or another, and are on sale for up to 80%. The sale started out with smaller and older titles, but now they have very recent titles like Kingdom of Amalur, Mass Effect 3 and the MMO Tera. The sale ends on May 29th and I will be doing a list of some of the best sales on here, but there are about a hundred games on sale in total. Look here for the full list of sales. Let's take a look at the best Amazon has to offer and a few words about each game.

Syndicate by Electronic Arts
Syndicate is a reboot of the fantastic old tactics game made by Bullfrog in 1993. They took that old tactical game and basically threw all those concepts out the window. This syndicate is a futuristic first person shooter that got a really bad rap for using the Syndicate name, seeing as how it has nothing to do with the original. The game's singleplayer isn't much to brag about, but it had some really strong co-op and there is plenty to enjoy about it if you don't get bogged down by its roots or the fact that it's made by big bad EA, which it is only produced by, or that you have to use Origin to play it. I would honestly recommend Deus Ex: Human Revolution if you are looking for a good sci-fi FPS single player game, but some people do like Syndicate for its multiplayer and for this price it may be worth it for you. Do check out some reviews first though.

$17.99 (70% off) PC Digital Download or PC Boxed Copy

Alan Wake by Nordic Games
I've never played Alan Wake on PC, but I absolutely loved it on Xbox 360. It recently was ported to PC and Nordic Games spent quite some time doing it in order to make sure they weren't messing it up and it seems like many people really enjoyed the PC version. Alan Wake is about a writer and you travel through a dark atmospheric town as you fight off the forces of darkness. The game is fairly long and combat can become a bit repetitive, but the story is actually a bit interesting and they nailed everything related to darkness, shadows and light. It's only been out for a few months, but you can nab it here already for 50% off. There is a Collector's Bundle of Alan Wake that includes various extras for a tiny bit more.

$14.99 (50% off) PC Digital Download Only for the Normal Version
$17.49 (50% off) PC Digital Download Only for the Collector's Bundle 

Battlestations Pacific by Square Enix
Back when Battlestations Pacific came out in 2009 I played the demo over and over again with friends.It had this great system that let you easily switch between directly controlling any of your ships, submarines or planes and controlling them all in like a real time strategist. The game doesn't have a very good story, or voice acting, but multiplayer is quite fun and so are the general gameplay mechanics. The big negative about purchasing this now is that there obviously isn't going to be anyone playing this online, most likely, but for the low price of $5 it may still be worth it. Check out this review from Gamespot and the video below.

$4.99 (83% off) PC Digital Download Only

Wargame: European Escalation by Focus Home Interactive
This one of my biggest surprises on this list because it is pretty new. I love seeing this on here because Wargame: European Escalation is one of the best PC strategy games of 2012 so far. Wargame is a tactical strategy game, the kind that rewards you for careful consideration, planning and team work. It came out back in February and it has grown a fairly decent online community. Wargame has a very long singleplayer campaign, but it not very interesting or enjoyable. The real enjoyment of Wargame comes from multiplayer and how you can customize these massive armies into decks. I highly recommend this one for anyone who likes fairly difficult strategy games that really reward you for thinking tactically. Check out my written review or video review below for more information on it.

$23.99 (40% off) PC Digital Download Only and Through Steam

Shogun 2: Total War by Creative Assembly
If you don't own Shogun 2: Total War already you probably aren't going to get it, especially since there has been many sales for it already, but it is now on sale once again and it is still a fantastic RTS. The game is set in Feudal Japan and you pick one clan to control as you conquer the country in order to eventually become Shogun. Shogun 2 has a pretty extensive multiplayer system and it has a two player cooperative campaign. They recently just came out with Fall of the Samurai, the first huge expansion for the game, and earlier this week they released a map editor. Here is my review for it if you would like to read about the game in detail. Cheesy gameplay video to follow.

$7.49 (75% off) PC Digital Download Only and Through Steam

Tropico 4 by Kalypso Media
Lastly on this list is a city building game. Normally I don't play civ builders too much, mainly since I haven't been able connect with many of them since Sim City 4, but Tropico 4 turned out to be really enjoyable. The series has been getting continually better and with Tropico 4 they have managed to get a really good balance between income, expenditure and fun. The negative about getting Tropico 4 from Amazon directly is that it is not Steam compatible and it uses it's own Kalypso Media program to run it. If you are a fan of city building games then you should really check out Tropico 4 if you never have before. It has a very large amount of content and a bit of depth. There are demos for it available all over if you want to try it out a bit before committing to it.

$9.99 (75% off) PC Digital Download Only 

That is it for this list. Thanks for checking it out and I hope you found something cheap that you will enjoy. Once again if you want to check out the full list of games on sale go on over to the Amazon Page. The sales end on May 29th, so get on it! 

-Written by Sean Cargle


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