Sunday, May 6, 2012

ARMA 3 New Gameplay and Info

Last time I wrote about the upcoming military simulation ARMA 3 by Bohemia Interactive was when they revealed one of the games two islands, Stratis Island. You can read about that here if you wish, but back then I didn't know that Stratis Island was far smaller the main island in the game. The main island is called Limnos and it is a much different type of island that Stratis. They describe Stratis Island as being rocky, small and hilly, while Limnos is of a different type, but they have not shown off Limnos at all yet or described anything about it.

The new video, which was put up yesterday by bodyboystance2, is a developer interview from (a Czech gaming website) that shows off under-water areas, Stratis Island and a tiny bit of infantry combat. The first minute of the video is older gameplay, but everything else is new and has commentary by the developers to explain what is going on the screen. I cannot wait for some bigger reveals, like some-thing from the game's campaign or showing off any of the new improvements to A.I., movement, combat or the editor, but for now we have this video. ARMA 3 certainly is going to be one of the best looking games out there and I'm already worrying about what I will need to upgrade to run it. Check out the video and thanks for checking it out.
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Closed Captioning should be on, but if not make sure to turn that on.

-Written by Sean Cargle


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