Thursday, May 31, 2012

Castle Storm

Yesterday Zen Studios announced Castle Storm and released a ton of screenshots, plus a first trailer. It is a downloadable title that will be coming out on Xbox Live and other digital platforms sometime in 2012. At first the game looks to be similar to strategy games like Swords & Soldiers HD, Legendary Wars or Army of Ages. It is essentially a side scrolling tower defense, but it has resource management and real time strategy elements. Everything is set in a medieval world where you fend of your enemies with a projectile based archery system. One of the most distinguishing features is the castle construction system. Never have I seen custom castle construction in a similar type of game. You castle will determine what kind of troops and defenses you have. They show that off a little bit in their first trailer, so before I say anything else take a look at that.

That actually looks pretty enjoyable huh? It is definitely an arcade type of game and will fit perfectly on Steam or Xbox Live. They will be demoing the game at E3 and I hope to check that out then, but there is a little bit more that I can say about it. Castle Storm will have various types of multiplayer modes, like a 1vs1 competitive mode or co-op survival. You will be able to play online or with split screen. There will be vikings, knights and various monsters, like Direwolves and Giants. Normally these types of games are made by one or two people and not too ambitious, but Castle Storm looks to have a lot going for it despite it's simplistic arcade style. You can check out the game a bit more below. Thanks for reading and checking it out. If we get to take a look at E3 I will post something on it. 
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-Written by Sean Cargle


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